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About TBN Projects:

Founded in the city of Vernon, in downtown Los Angeles, TBN Projects developed out of The Big New (TBN)'s desire to support early and mid-career curators and artists to collaborate on new projects and exhibit their work. We actively promote projects with artists and creators across all disciplines in the pursuit of the most interesting ideas and outcomes.

Through a yearly program of exhibitions and projects, TBN Projects will work to provide new opportunities for artists and diverse artistic communities, promote inclusivity and diversity, and encourage new ways of thinking about art and its place in the world.

The Big New, a leading Los Angeles based art fabrication company founded by Patrick Rees and Eduardo Ortiz, has a history of bringing the most ambitious and technically challenging contemporary artworks to life based on the principles of understanding the artist's vision and promoting a production mindset that is free of limitations. TBN Projects emerged from these same principles.



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