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About The Big New...

The Big New 's art fabrication company was founded in June 2020 by Patrick Rees and Eduardo Ortiz, who had worked closely together for many years running one of the leading art foundries in Los Angeles. Between them, the founders have many decades of foundry, art fabrication and contemporary art  experience at the highest levels and have overseen and produced major work for artists such as, Sterling Ruby, Tony Matelli, Liz Glynn, FriendsWithYou, Friedrich Kunath, KAWS and Yayoi Kusama.

The Big New's film production company was founded to develop and produce compelling stories that reveal the inner workings of the artists we work with and the complex process that brings their work to life. 

The Big New is a premier contemporary art fabrication and metal casting company that specializes in working with leading contemporary artists on visionary and technically demanding contemporary art projects. We provide expertise in all stages of sculpture production from conceptual development through to full project management, engineering consultation, bronze, stainless-steel and aluminum casting, painting and finishing. We work closely with artists and understand that their work demands the highest levels of rigor and precision. As a result, we are singularly focused on producing exceptional work that realizes their artistic vision.

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